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King!Loki X Queen!Reader: Unifying Fire and Ice
        There was once a time where the people of Asgard, the most powerful and beautiful country on the planet, were unified under the single rule of the All-Father and peace reigned. The people of Asgard were very joyous during that time and they prospered greatly, kindly naming the era The Golden Age of Asgard. But it was as this age came to an end when the problems started to appear. The All-Father was a fair man, beloved by the people of his kingdom but as much as they wanted him to be eternal he was just human. Time was catching up to Odin and as he neared his old age, he began to decide which one of his sons would be his successor after he was gone from the Earth.
He had two sons, both with the capacity to be great leaders and both had the right to be King but only one could be seated at the throne. There was his son Thor who shared many similarities to Odin himself, appearance-wise. Thor was a very skilled warrior without any fear to go into batt
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Fear of Driving (LokixReader)
Nervously, (f/n) sat behind the wheel of her (car type), her hands shaking a bit as she looked straight ahead in front of her. “You can do this,” she whispered to herself. “There’s nothing to be afraid of. There’s no one here for you to hurt, there’s no one but you in the car. You can do this, you fraidy cat!”
Still, she couldn’t get herself to put her hands on the gear shift, or even put the keys in ignition, for that matter. Her palms were sweating, her head was spinning, and even her vision was starting to go out some. Her fear was just that intense.
(F/n) (L/n) was terrified of driving, plain and simple. She wasn’t quite sure what it was about it; she had no problem traveling as a passenger. Heck, she loved going for drives with friends…just so long as she didn’t have to drive. That was when her joints would freeze, her grip on the wheel would make her knuckles white, and she would break out in a cold sweat li
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Royals (Loki x Reader)
(Loki x Reader)
(Author’s note: This is a oneshot.  It has nothing to do with my Loki x Reader series.)
“You cheated.”
“No I didn’t!”
“Well I’m a god and I say you did,” Loki said.  He arched one of his dark brows as if daring you to contradict him again.  You sighed and began placing the glass chess pieces back on the board.
“So I’m guessing you want another rematch?”  You asked flatly.  Loki’s expression turned thoughtful as he pondered your suggestion, but after a moment he shook his head.
“No.  I find this to be rather tedious,” he said decidedly.  He arched his back against his chair and stretched.  You rolled your eyes.  You had been playing for hours.  He was just now finding it tedious?
“No kidding…”
Loki’s emerald eyes flickered to you.  “What was that?”
“Nothing.”  You shru
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LokiXReader Soulmate AU Part 4
WARNING: Some of violence and crude language
“Do you love me?”
You froze at the question asked in such a soft, lilting tone. It was a subject the two of you had yet to breach. You knew you cared for Loki, but it had been mere days since you had found one another and realized your connection.
You considered your words carefully before answering him. “I enjoy your company. I admire how clever you are and how you just have to know how every human object works even if that curiosity ended up destroying our refrigerator.”
“I maintain that the mechanical beast attacked me.” Loki said, narrowing his eyes in remembrance of what had been a traumatizing ordeal.
You gave a short bark of laughter. “What did you think was going to happen when you pushed on the ice dispenser?”
Loki huffed and looked down at where you lay across his lap. “Just continue listing my fantastic qualities.” He said haughtily.
“Hmm, as you wish. I like
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Hope (Bucky x Reader) One shot
Bucharest, 2016 – Several months before the events of Civil War
The streets of Bucharest were always busy this time of day. The screams of people on the market yelling their cheap prices to anyone that wanted to hear it, echoed in Bucky’s ears. He had his hands tucked into his pockets as he walked past the stalls filled with delicious foods and spices, trying to blend in with the crowd.
    The baseball cap he had worn ever since he had escaped Hydra was pulled carefully over his forehead, shielding his face from unwanted eyes. He had managed to remain hidden for the past two years, but he was still cautious around people, afraid that – even though no one had until now – someone would recognize him as the Winter Soldier and disturb the peace he’d had.
    He stopped at one of the stalls selling plumps, nodding at the man behind it and wishing him a good day, like he’d done every week for the past several
:iconsavrom:savrom 155 67
Longing (Bucky x Reader) One shot
Wakanda, 2016 – Several months after putting Bucky back on ice
“Is this going to hurt?” the man before you asked, observing you as you heated up the electrode plates with your breath before sticking them to the sides of his head.
    You smiled, looking into his clear blue eyes that stared at you in anticipation. “Not at all,” you reassured him. “I’m only going to check your brainwaves. See how you respond to some of these words,” you said, showing him a long list of Russian code words you had found and which had been frequently used during the Cold War by Russian spies and soldiers.
    “What if they’re the right words?” he swallowed hard, letting his eyes shift over your face. “I don’t want to hurt you.”
    “Don’t worry, Bucky. That’s what we wa
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Loki x Reader - Water Drops
The heat in the past few days had felt like torture, especially since it was impossible to find a way to cool down for longer than a few minutes. There was no fresh air, just heat. It was like being in a sauna, just without the exit door to escape. On a Saturday night, clouds had started to gather around, covering the beautiful night sky. (Y/n) was hoping for rain all week now, and it finally seemed like her silent, but very urgent prayers had been heard.
It was 7:25 am when (Y/n) woke up to the sound of something tapping her window. It was like music to her ears; soothing, almost invigorating. The sound of soft water drops made her want to jump right into the next lake to enjoy the feeling of fresh water against her skin, and the feeling of being lighter, not touching the ground, just like floating through the clouds in the sky. (Y/n) opened her eyes, and when she saw the first water drops running down the glass of her window, after five weeks of pure, hot torture, she smiled h
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Loki X Reader: A Love That Was More Than Love
        The Avengers all found themselves sitting in their common room causally talking to one another as others drank occasionally enjoying one of their rare days off. There had been nothing major happening in the world for the Avengers to step in, though there were small missions they had to go do individually, but Tony Stark managed to trick Fury into saying they could stay at the Tower for today and the Avengers were grateful for Tony's childish behavior for once.
The topics of their conversations had a wide range. They spent time talking about things they would like to do, telling stories about the past or listening to Tony talk about his new improvement for the tower and their equipment. Laughs, chuckles and teasing was common during this time. They were so relaxed and at ease that they just allowed the conversation to go anywhere it wished to do. Until Clint asked Thor a question that saddened him.
"Was it hard growing up with Loki, Thor? Did he plan to
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Blue-Flamed Charmander Animation :iconmoxie2d:moxie2D 4,760 203 Houndoom :iconaxis-intercept:Axis-Intercept 18 0
Worthy: LokixReader
Note: This story contains spoilers for Loki: Agent of Asgard 9 as well as Thor: Goddess of Thunder.
“. . . So once the giant brought Mjölnir to us, Thor ripped off his dress and destroyed the entire hall,” Loki finished, a mirthful gleam in his emerald eyes.
I burst out laughing at his great tale. “Are you serious?” I said, after needing a moment to calm down. “You were able to convince the giants that Thrym was marrying Freya, and not Thor?”
“Yes,” Loki said with a smirk. “Fortunately for us, the giants were rather dull creatures, so it wasn’t all that difficult to trick them.”
“I still can’t believe Thor agreed to wearing a dress!”
Loki grinned. “‘Twas a wondrous spectacle, I assure you. My brother made quite the fair maiden, with some help from my magic, of course.” He winked at me, and we shared another laugh. The room then filled with a comfortable silenc
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